Special Rates

Landline (฿) Mobile (฿)
China 1.00 1.00
USA 1.25 1.25
Israel 0.75 2.00
Australia 1.75 1.75
Hong Kong 1.25 1.25
Taiwan 3.63 3.63
Singapore 1.75 1.75
UK 1.25 1.25



  • What is Easy Card service?
    Easy Card is the legitimate phone card service licensed by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC). We offer phone card service via VoIP network to more than 230 countries around the world. With our extensive networking all over the country, you can make a call from all local number (fixed line) as well as every mobile network operators (AIS, DTAC, TRUE MOVE, and HUTCH).

    Several good points of Easy Card:
    • The lowest price, start at only 0.50 Baht/min
    • Prompt (instant) use, automatically registered
    • Easy to top up via SMS
    • No expiry date
    • No need to change sim card, can use with every fixed and cellular networks
    • There are no any extra or hidden charges 
    • Better quality (no latency)
    • Extra services i.e. Re-dial, Speed-dial
    • Can make a call from all local number as well as every mobile network operators
    • Full refund if customer was not satisfied with our quality and services
  • What is the necessary feature for using Easy Card service?
    Making international calls with Easy Card from home telephone or every network mobile services (AIS, Dtac, TrueMove and Hutch), you just only have the registered number with Easy Card. Not applicable for public phone, office PABX or PCT.
  • How to make an Easy World call?
    Easy Card is the prompt (instant) international calling card. There are 2 systems to serve you; PINPHONE or PINLESS. If you choose one of systems cannot change the system until the credit in card will be empty.
    How to use PINPHONE
    How to use PINLESS
  • How about the rates of Easy Card?
    • The rate is start at only 0.50 baht/min (the rate will depend on the current promotion and destination number area) you can see the rate of each country at www.easycard.in.th  (excl. VAT)
    • The charge will start when someone pick up your call or transfer to auto attendant voicemail, your credit will be charged based on per minute basis, and the user can call until your card run out of credit.
    • The rates are charged based on per minute basis. The minimum charge is one minute per call
    • For the service charge excluding a home telephone (fixed) and mobile phone calling that the user need to pay for their own charge, for example, the home telephone and office phone rate at 3 baht per each(only Bangkok and boundary) and  for the service charge of mobile phone depends on each operator charge and promotion.
    • In case of using Direct Call system, user need to pay the regular charge of home telephone, mobile phone, public telephone that dial to the access number 02 831 4001.
  • How to check the calling history?
    You can check your calling history by login into your account via website: www.easycard.in.th,  select menu check call history and follow the instruction.
    • First time log in: filling your telephone number that you will use with Easy Card and your email, you will get your password for log in our system ( you can change your password after log in)
      - If you use mobile phone, you will get the password via SMS
      - If you use home telephone, please call to our contact center  1730 and ask for password
    • Next time log in: just put in your telephone number and password.
  • What is call back service?
    Call back service is an automatic call back system which help you save the expenses of home telephone and mobile phone bill of every networks (AIS, DTAC, TRUEMOVE and HUTCH) when accessing our access number.

    ** For the AIS network during 18.00-22.00 you might need to call our access number 2-3 times before getting the call back due to peak hours traffic congestion.

    • Hang up the call after the first ring, Please wait for 5-10 seconds, our system will ring you back.(see how to use call back service)
    • If call to our access number and do not get a call back, please wait for a few minute and retry.
  • What is direct call service?
    Direct Call service is the direct call services to dial our access number, easy to use, can directly to make a call. These services incur additional charges by your own telephone or mobile phone operator.

    • You can alternatively choose direct call service when call back service cause an inconvenience or fail to function properly.
  • What is speed dial?
    Speed dial is free service that allows you to dial your frequent number automatically. You can store up 5 numbers for our speed dial service. see How to use Speed Dial
  • Where can buy Easy  International Phone Card?
    You can easily purchase Easy International phone Card at Retail Shop/any Top up distribution.
  • How to top up to Easy Card?
  • How long Easy Card valid?
    Easy Card did not have expiration, you can use until your credit in your card left 0 baht.
  • When making a call and no one pick up the phone and transfer to auto attendant voicemail, is that will be charged?
    You have to pay for this charge because we consider this is a connection.
  • In case that there are some technical trouble such as sound system, difficult to call or poor call quality, what should I do?
    If you face any technical problem, please call to our contract center 1730 at any time.
  • In case that the user cannot make a call but the system deduct money, what should I do?
    Please call to our contract center 1730 in order to asking for refund.
  • Why cannot get a call to connect to international mobile phone?
    If you call to a mobile phone, the signal of each country is different. It might be unable to connect some time or some place.
  • How Easy Card guarantee customer satisfaction?
    Easy Card is pleased and proud to offer you an unbeatable guarantee, if you were unsatisfied with our service or quality, our company willing to return you a refund. Refund policy is applicable in case that the call is not connected but you were being or the call quality is poor and not communicable.
  • What is the advantage of Easy Card member?
    • Verify the using record and manage the personal profile by yourself(log in click here)
      Edit personal profile, check calling report, check the balance credit, check points, top up, and record the 5 speed dial number
    • Satisfaction guarantee with  refund policy (see conditions*)

.      What is Easy Card service?